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We Help Non-Profits Maximize Their Google Ad Grant

We focus on real results, not just clicks, to maximize your grant and amplify your impact.

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What Makes Us Different?

I have a decade of experience in non-profit operations and digital marketing. 

The result is a unique approach that lets me look at non-profit marketing in a way that most service providers simply can’t. 

We understand the Google Ad Grant is about amplifying your impact- not just getting clicks.

That’s why we focus on connecting Google Ads to your overall marketing approach (including email, social, services and more) so you can truly maximize the grant. 

10 Ways To Maximize Your Google Ad Grant

We use these 10 strategies (and more) to maximize your non-profit’s Google Ad Grant. 

Our Services

Whether you want to learn how to manage your account or have us handle it, we can help.

Google Ads Audit

Just want to see if you're on the right track?
Schedule an audit with one hour review of your account and a action to plan to maximize your account

Google Analytics 4 Build Out

We'll build out your Google Analytics 4 account so you're ready track results from any marketing campaign, including Google Ads.

Google Ads Management

We'll maximize your entire Google Ad Grant spend to amplify your impact and move your mission forward.

Learn To Manage Your Own Google Ad Grant

Join a small group of other non-profits and learn how to manage your own Google Ads in this 6-week intensive.

How To Get Started

What happens when you book a call?

1. Strategy

We’ll start with a high-level strategy call where we explain what your non-profit can do to maximize your Google Ads Grant. 

We’ll also review the best options for getting you there -whether that’s done for you or done with you. 

2. Tactics

If we’re a good fit, it’s time to move from strategy to tactics.

We’ll turn your custom strategy into a detailed plan that will maximize your grant and amplify your impact.

3. Launch

It's time to get to work! We'll start with a complete Google Analytics build out that will give you deeper insights into your entire website and not just grant traffic.

Next, we start building out your Google Ad Grant based on your specific goals.

4. Report & Optimize

Getting ads live is just the first stage! Now it's time to track results and optimize ads. We'll also keep the account healthy and make sure we're staying in compliance with all grant rules.

You'll receive a monthly report with everything that's happening in your account along with a list of opportunities.

Want To Learn More?

Click the button below to schedule your call and let’s start maximizing your Google Ad Grant.