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Cat Care Society – Google Ad Grant Case Study

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Cat Care Society is a private, non-profit cat shelter founded in 1981 that was established to improve the quality of life for cats in need. They’re a free-roaming cat shelter which means they only use cages when medically necessary. That means happier cats and more fun for visitors with plenty of cats to pet!

The core activity of Cat Care Society is sheltering cats, providing medical support, and adopting cats to the public. Additionally, Cat Care Society is part of the Denver-metro community and regularly holds educational events and creates content that’s helpful to cat owner around the world.

Marketing Goals

Cat Care Society wanted to use the Google Ad Grant to generate more adoptions, find donors, volunteers, foster parents and help educate cat parents across the US.

That’s a lot to cover but they’re all strategies we’ve used to maximize the Google Ad Grant before! Additionally, Cat Care Society wanted to prioritize local efforts over national efforts whenever possible.


Cat Care Society had an inactive Google Ad Grant and within 40 days we were able to take it to 95% of the maximum spend while generating over 100 adoption inquires and increasing traffic by over 2,500 visitors a month.

You can see how the account scaled in the overview image below:

cat care society ad grant

Highlighting March 2024, we were able to generate 32 adoption leads. Not only do these leads get cats adopted, which is the core of their mission, they also have a notable financial impact in the form of adoption fees and donations.

We’ve also been able to generate 2,000+ clicks to educational cat content every month. This content does several things:

  • It helps support cats by educating cat parents and the public. This content answers questions likes “how to help feral cats during  winter” or “what is feline leukemia”.
  • It helps build Cat Care Society’s email lists, which is one of the core ways to maximize any Google ad grant, a great to lay the foundation for future donations, and part of the appropriately named C-A-A-T nonprofit marketing framework.
  • It helps build awareness and positions Cat Caret Society as an authority on cats. This can help in a long list of ways including future donation campaigns.

The majority of the Google Ad Grant is going to adoptions and content. Cat Care Society has enough foster parent and volunteers but these campaigns are already built and ready to launch when needed.


Cat Care Society has an excellent website with Google Analytics 4 already installed.

However, they weren’t tracking all conversions.

This is common for organizations with more robust sites and many organizations end up with dozens of meaningful conversion actions. Cat Care Society has the option for donors to donate directly or donate by sponsoring a cat, legacy giving, giving stocks, shopping their wish list, donating supplies, donating a vehicle and more. We first built out conversion actions for these different donation pathways using Google Tag Manager.

Then, we wanted to track other actions users could take including signing up for the email list, viewing adoption photos, applying to adopt or foster and more.

Once tracking was in place, we built out our campaigns including an extended campaign for adoptions. One of the great things about the Google Ad Grant for local nonprofits is the ability to expand your reach!

We knew that people would drive great distances to find the right cat and we’ve generated several adoptions from adopters up to 100 miles away from Cat Care Society’s location.

We’ve also focused on educational content with careful keyword targeting to maximize the amount of traffic we can get per month.

Moving Forward

Cat Care Society is continuing to produce content that’s being promoted via the grant. This is growing their lists and getting them more national exposure while we continue to focus on adoptions and foster parents locally.